Numbers Game is a magical, mystical band formed by magical mystical Doc. It was formed maybe a year or two ago. Its hard to say now. Doc had been hard at work at the new Noise Tank (lovesyou) album. He is from Detroit, but is now firmly in San Francisco, a magical mystical city built in the clouds on a foundation of dreams. Then so it was, Numbers Game.

Who is Number Game?
How can Numbers Game help me?
Can Numbers Game give me answers?

One can ask these questions for an eternity. Have patience, soon everything shall be reveled. Numbers Game has hours and hours of music to soon be released. One thing at a time. Numbers Game will release bits of Numbers Game every so often for the internet to Numbers Game to. Every so often Numbers Game will make a video of Numbers Game sort of stuff to fulfill all your Numbers Game needs.

On 09/09 of 2009, at 9:09 at night, after about 9 seconds, Numbers Game released its first video of Numbers Game entitled Love Dreams Love for the internet to Numbers Game to. Before Numbers Game there was Noise Tank (lovesyou). Noise Tank (lovesyou) unfortunately was not quite Numbers Game enough. Clearly it was time for a more Numbers Game sort of Numbers Game. Close your eyes. No really, close them. Are they closed? All the way. Close them all the way. Now….. picture this in your mind….. Numbers Game….. okay, now open your eyes.
There, do you feel a little more Numbers Game? You will in time.


Numbers Game polaroid




Links to some of the writings about Numbers Game.
It goes without saying, thank you!

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Posted: 07/25/2010 2:16 pm by Doc.