4 Hour Rainbow OMG

I just finished recording a new song. For now I’m calling it "One Two Three", but I might change the title later. It’s sort of based on an old demo from back in the Noise Tank (lovesyou) days, but it’s definitely a Numbers Game track now. I’ll post the old demo cause its fun and I like it a lot. I sort of think of it as the early beginnings of Numbers Game. I’m not going to post the finished version just yet cause I still want to mix and tweak a bit. Right now I’m taking a break, then I’ll come back to it. It might be a few weeks.

I’m also shooting a new music video this week for a new song called "The Song Song". I’m also working on episode two of You Should Be Throwing Parties which will highlight the ins and outs of throwing an art party at your house. This episode will be really cool because I get to show how I premiered the video for "Love Dreams Love". I don’t want to give anything away, but it involves a toilet and a lot of flashing lights.

The weather in San Francisco still feels alien to me. The sky here often turns purple and pink. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in one of those films Disney made in the 60s that depicted how man might live if he colonized another planet. The other day there was a rainbow outside for like 4 hours. It was weird and incredible.

Hey also for the next two weeks, the local Bay Area community arts TV show Watch This! will be playing the Love Dreams Love video. It will air Mondays @ 10pm on Ch 27, Thursdays @ 11pm on Ch 27, and Saturdays at 12midnight on Ch 75 for the next two weeks on the Comcsat and Astuond. I’m pretty pumped about it. The local programming here in the Bay Area is easily the best television I have ever seen in my life. I’d like say thanks to Jody and everyone else who makes it happen.

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