This is a new video project of mine. Essentially I’d just like to see more parties. I think people waste too much time on passive entertainment. There is over 6.5 billion people alive right now, and I think that nobody should ever be bored, lonley, or in search of "something to do". The host of episode 1 is my friend Brooke Candy who does a monthly party called "free candy". Basically she is going to show people how they too can throw a really good show. Every episode will feature a different person who throws a different party. I’m trying to get episodes 1-3 done by sometime this summer. I’ll definitely be posting updates on this as they happen. Until then, if you live in the the San Francisco bay area, have an HD camera, and like to party, lol, please get a hold of me. I think this is going to be one of those projects that’s going to be too big for me to take on by myself, and I definitely would like to do some stuff in HD.

For more info on Brooke, Free Candy, and other stuff, you should also see Brooke Candy’s Tumblr

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