My friends Tucker Bennett and Zach Shipko made a feature length movie that chronicles the trials and tribulations of an art school student making his way through the world. The first thing you notice about “Why Are You Weird” is the outstandingly radical LoFi visual aesthetic. They went out of their way to bring audiences the best, most premium quality fuzz. Much of it was shot on VHS and edited using vintage equipment. It’s interesting that although everything in the movie is modern (cell phones, internet humor), is has this dreamy warm glow of timelessness. I give “Why Are You Weird” two thumbs way up plus extra bonus points for the original score by composer Van Diesel. The score includes MIDI renditions of early 2000s radio hits like “Thong Song” and “Crossroads” (also be sure to check out the song in the closing credits, which is one of the best pop songs I’ve heard in a while).

What’s cool about it for me personally is that I go to the same school, parks, and places that this movie was shot, and I think Tucker and Zach really captured this moment in time. Unless you’re in SFAI, or the Mission, or whatever, you might not appreciate how perfectly they captured life here and now, but they nailed it. I don’t know how relevant that would be to you if you’re not in San Francisco, or don’t plan to be, but if you’re curious, everything right here right now seems to have this brooding silliness about it that you can’t quite put your finger on, but comes across really well in this movie. I should also mention that you might also recognize some of the same people that helped me with my Love Dreams Love video. Actually I think almost everybody in my video is in this movie including the film makers (That’s Tucker in the wizard hat and moon mask, and Zach who smashes that adding machine after the solo).

It also got a really nice write up in Interview Magazine. The whole movie is spliced into 10 parts and is available on YouTube.

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