Before Numbers Game there was Noise Tank (lovesyou)

It’s the Noise Tank (lovesyou) EP. It’s short. It’s fast. It’s for sale at iTunes but I’m giving it away for free. Maybe you’re wondering… why the iconoclastic business decision Doc? Well its simple, I released it to be heard and I think giving it away will increase the number of people who hear it. Feel free to share, post, or whatever.

Money is great, but hey, I didn’t do it for the money. As much as I’d love to have your four bucks, I’d rather not let that stand in the way of anybody hearing it. Although it’s literally costing me money, I consider giving it away for free to be a worthwhile personal investment. Maybe you’ll really enjoy it. Maybe you’ll get up out of your seat and dance to it. Maybe you’re at work, and when that first songs picks up tempo, you’ll start slam dancing right there at the office… who knows… go nuts! That’s why I’m giving it away.

You can find info on it here at it’s page on Focus Media,
the Noise Tank (lovesyou) myspace,
and the crazy band personal site for it.

Basically it was be and a bunch of my friends on different instruments. I released it myself as I always do… I mean I literally released out of my bedroom. I didn’t really expect it to go anywhere, but it got all these write ups in these big magazines, and it got all this radio play and stuff. For a super tiny little indie release, I’d say that was pretty successful. But that was way back in 2005, and to be honest, I’m sick of talking about it. The actual physical CD’s are sold out, and I’m doing Numbers Game now, and the whole thing feels over.
So…. enjoy Noise Tank (lovesyou)…. For free!!!

As always – If you like it – share it with friends!
Even a convenient Zip file. Oh my.

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